While conference participants are asked to arrange their own hotel accommodations, we are happy to provide recommendations for lodging options that we believe may suit your preferences. The recommended accommodation facilities are situated near public transportation hubs and are within a maximum 20-minute walking distance from the conference venues:


EB Building, University Campus

Address: Studentská, 530 09 Pardubice II

Divadlo 29

Address: Ul. Sv. Anežky České 29, 530 02 Pardubice, Pardubice


We trust that these options will contribute to a convenient and enjoyable stay during the conference. In case of further queries regarding special accommodation requirements, please get in touch with the conference organizers.



  1. Pierre hotel:


  1. Euro hotel:


  1. Arnošt hotel:


  1. Víno Hruška apartments:


  1. University of Pardubice dormitories


If you are interested in accommodation at the University of Pardubice dormitories, please contact the AIW 2024 organizing committee member  – Michaela Konopíková